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May mean many different things to various pet owners. Some may view boarding as a one-time deal for just a few hours a day, while others see boarding as caring for one’s dog for a duration of time - sometimes weeks, or more. At Brick City Paws boarding is caring for your dog at my own home (cageless) for a longer duration of time. If this is a need which you desire, We are here to help.

Dogs up to 30lbs .............. $40 per night
Dogs 30lbs & above .......... $50 per night

Sorry no cat boarding - check out Pet Sitting  

Pet Sitting​

Some of the more common pet sitting tasks include feeding, litter changing, release walk, water refreshed and many other useful pet care services.
Pet sitting can be for a wide variety of family pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits,​ turtles, fish and many more. 

10 to 15 mins visit ........ $12

 ​Pet Taxi

Currently Out of Service/Unavailable

​Our pet taxi service is available 24/7 for vet appointments, airports and anywhere your pet needs to go. 


Have an energetic or young dog that needs more exercise? Work long hours and have a dog that could use a mid-day break? Have a schedule or situation that leaves your dog home alone for long hours? We provide dog walking service for a variety of clients in an assortment of situations. 

Other companies charge extra for an exercise walk but we offer this service with all our walks without additional costs.

30 mins .....................  $20

Release Walk 10-15mins.. $12

Dog sibling Add ............  $10

       Early and or late visits

before 9am-after 7pm) Add - $7


  ​​​Everything for a distinguished pet

Currently servicing : 
Newark & Harrison

My intentions for all pets in my care is to give them stimulation, socialization, exercise and a fun time ~ Magda Faria 

Fostering a pup or thinking about fostering? We offer half priced walks.